Let’s Improve Your Hotel Stay!

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This blog post will provide a few ideas on how to improve your lodging and hotel stay while visiting Roche Harbor & Marina. You want a hotel to be a home away from home and if you follow our tips you will feel very comfortable in your hotel room for the entire duration of your stay.

#1: Pack Prepared

You should pack a fresh change of clothes and all of your toiletries in your carry-on luggage. This ensures that if your luggage is lost or its arrival is delayed that when you arrive at the hotel you can change into fresh clothes and wash up if you want to. You won’t have to spend hours in the hotel waiting for your luggage to finally arrive.

#2: Portable Packing Shelves

You can purchase a closet organizer that will fold up like an accordion. Here is what you do. Place your clothing for your trip in each of the shelves of the organizer and then fold up the organizer into your luggage and pack the entire thing.

Then when you arrive at the hotel, pull the organizer out of your luggage and hang it in the closet in the hotel room and all of your clothes will be ready to access and wear and you won’t have to sort through your suitcase each day.

#3. Book Through the Hotel

Don’t use travel websites or directories to book your hotel room. You should visit the hotel website or call the hotel direct. This ensures that if your travel plans change or you need to cancel your hotel stay you can do so within 24 hours before your reservation. Travel sites often don’t allow the same flexibility.

#4. Don’t Pay for Wi-Fi

We recommend finding a hotel that includes free Wi-Fi. In 2017, you simply should not have to pay for internet access from a hotel. A hotel should feel like home and you don’t have to pay fees beyond your monthly bill for internet access at home. You’ve paid for your room. You shouldn’t have to pay for Wi-Fi too.

#5. Ask Housekeeping

You can ask housekeeping in a hotel in Roche Harbor for almost anything within reason. Don’t worry if you forgot toothpaste or shampoo or First Aid materials. The housekeeping service will bring almost anything you need to your room for you so you don’t have to scavenge the city looking for basic necessities.

These tips will help your hotel stay feel like a night at home!