San Juan Islands Lodging Checklist

hotel room

You will need to find quality lodging in the San Juan Islands in order to properly enjoy your vacation here. There are several nearby hotels, inns and rental properties to choose from. There is also the option to lease a space from a local on or a similar type website.

There are some requirements or standards for the lodging in order to ensure it doesn’t deter from your enjoyment of the San Juan Islands or your vacation with friends or family.

Here are some things to consider before reserving lodging at a hotel or property in the San Juan Islands:

  1. Location

Few things are more important when it comes to lodging and hotels than the location of the property itself. You don’t want to be too far from the tourist attractions and all of the best restaurants in Roche Harbor.

You can ruin a vacation if you need to use a taxi for every venture out of the hotel or if there is too much travel time in-between each destination and excursion you want to visit during your vacation on the San Juan Islands.

  1. Ratings & Reviews

Be sure the hotel you decide to stay at in the San Juan Islands has received several of good reviews from previous guests.

You should read as many reviews as possible and make note of guests comments concerning the service from the staff of the hotel or the friendliness of the staff.

You will also want to know the conditions of the rooms. Do the rooms in the hotel offer nice views? Are the guest rooms clean from top to bottom with evidence of deep cleaning and routine professional carpet cleaning in the rooms?

  1. Hidden Fees

Be careful to avoid hidden fees from the hotel or lodging you choose. Not all hotels offer free Wi-Fi and the cost of internet will add up very fast if you use your mobile devices regularly when on vacation. You should call the hotel prior to reserving the rooms and ask any questions you might have beforehand.

  1. Concierge

Is there a concierge on staff at the hotel? If you have never been to the San Juan Islands before you will likely have several questions concerning directions or recommendations for local activities. A full-time concierge is a big help for vacationers and tourists that are searching for fun ideas and activities to enjoy during their trip.

  1. Amenities

Some hotels in Roche Harbor and the San Juan Islands will offer free breakfast in the morning for their guests or free Wi-Fi or premium TV channels. If these things are of interest to you you should ask the customer service desk of the hotel before you reserve rooms for your stay in the San Juan Islands.

You don’t want your lodging to deter from your relaxation and fun during your visit to the San Juan Islands. A little research before reserving rooms and lodging will help to ensure that the hotel you choose is the best one for you and your family during your vacation.